In addition to dieboard laser cutting machine manufacture as a partner and regional representor of LSS GmbH Company of Germany we provide the following services:


1)Rofin-Sinar SM line of fast flow gas lasers repair, services and refurbishments.


2)Rofin SLAB DC laser maintenance and services.


3)Providing Rofin CO2 laser  resonators for different requirements, we also supply second hand good quality or refurbished laser resonators for more economical sensitive projects.


4)Integrating Rofin CO2 lasers to special industrial demands.


5)supplying laser machines refurbished by LSS GmbH.


Fotros LaserDie Co., Ltd.


  • Contact:  Amir Anousheh
  • Address:   Office 1503, Emiraty concorde hotel office tower, al maktoum street, deira , dubai
  • Tel:           +971 43336395
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